Freed from Prison! May 17, 2016

On May 17, 2016 the Supreme Court of Mauritania ordered Biram Dah Abeid and Brahim Bilal Ramdane freed from prison. At 4:20 p.m. in Nouakchott Biram and Brahim left the prison, free men once again. They had been incarcerated since their arrest on November 11, 2014 while attending an anti-slavery event. Biram in the crowd May 17 2016 The day after their release from prison the Ambassador from the United States visited Biram and Brahim at Biram’s home.Biram and Deihy Biram and Brahim leaving jail13269276_1759351530942972_9203869474286539112_n 13266013_1759351430942982_748335781975958348_n 13260241_1759351374276321_5193124499989687410_n 13254101_1759351147609677_6780808546224154298_n 13246307_1189068501133400_7589166353245640723_o 13240111_1759351187609673_4628112332381910171_n 13239006_1759351584276300_392300366616383157_n 13232985_1759351454276313_4961572594336611879_n 13227556_1189068497800067_841713285051970124_o 13221652_1759351257609666_1894033831770588549_n 13221574_1759351207609671_2226393698778239142_n 13221330_1189068494466734_6487431120325487943_o

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