Jailed for refusing to abandon their land

Oumar Dia, Abdoulaye Aliou, Aliou Dia and Thièrno Amadou have been jailed in Dar El Barka because they refused to sign documents renouncing ownership of their ancestral lands. They were working on the land on November 7, which was recently irrigated, when heavily armed police came to arrest them. Four other peasant landowners were arrested[…]

Saudis as Agricultural Development Specialists in Mauritania: LAND POLITICS and Dispossession

Last week we started receiving reports of extensive dispossession of peasant farmers in Boghe, Mauritania.  Reportedly the government of Mauritania, personified by President Mohamed Abdel Aziz, has leased 3200 hectares to a Saudi agency for a period of 90 years. The problem is: this land is farmed by people who have lived, worked, and made[…]