Jailed for refusing to abandon their land

Oumar Dia, Abdoulaye Aliou, Aliou Dia and Thièrno Amadou have been jailed in Dar El Barka because they refused to sign documents renouncing ownership of their ancestral lands.

They were working on the land on November 7, which was recently irrigated, when heavily armed police came to arrest them.

Four other peasant landowners were arrested October 24th in Karawlatt- Woullou N’Diaye. The arrested men are Cheîkh Tahar Dia (member of the Commission Opposed to the Seizing of Lands in Dar El Barka), Amadou Mamadou Guèye (Leader of the Repatriated in Bour), Mahmoud Alassane Dia et Djiby Hamat Sow. These men have been in jail in Aleg since October 24, 2015 for refusing to abandon claims to their ancestral lands.

When this second group of men appeared in court on the 29th of October, the judge offered to release them if they signed over ownership to their land. They all refused to sign and so were sent back to prison.

See the report in Fench on CRIDEM.


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