Diop Speaks from Prison: Police Beat Many Of Us

Amadou Tidjane Diop spoke with IRA USA today from his prison cell in Dar Na-im prison, Nouakchott. Dar Na-im is the general prison for violent offenders. He reports that he was not beaten, but many among the IRA prisoners suffered immensely from repeated beatings by the police. The IRA prisoners were brought to court in[…]

Mass Arrests in Nouakchott

Here is a sub-divided list of people arrested since the unrest at Gazra Bouamatou (that incident was linked to the evictions of squatters from their homesteads. Such evictions happen because someone else (normally an Arab-Berber businessman) gains title to the land and then plans to develop it, so evicts the squatters). These arrests are retribution[…]

Leila Alaoui in Memoriam

مبادرة إنبعـــاث الحــــركة الانعتـــــــاقية INITIATIVE DE RESURGENCE DU MOUVEMENT ABOLITIONNISTE EN MAURITANIE IRA – Mauritanie Communiqué de Condoléance A la mémoire de Leila ALAOUI La folie meurtrière a frappé le Burkina Faso. L’internationale salafo-terroriste s’est une fois de plus illustrée sur le continent africain par la barbarie que rien ne peut justifier, faisant plusieurs dizaines[…]