Freedom Now for blogger Ould Mkhaitir

Free Ould Mkhaitir AI and other ngos   Amnesty International has cooperated with numerous other human rights organizations to call for the release of the blogger Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir. Ould Mkhaitir was sentenced to death in January 2015 because of his calls to end the caste-based discrimination in Mauritania. Ould Mkhaitir’s family belongs[…]

Anniversary of the Burning of Malikite Law Books

April 27th was the anniversary of the “Burning of the Books.”  This is the day that Biram Dah Abeid publicly burned several Malikite legal texts because they contain legal interpretations that uphold and elaborate on slavery. IRA Mauritanie held a commemoration of this bold action on the part of Biram.  The public book burning lead[…]

Saudi Grand Mosque Affair: IRA Members Sentenced to Jail Time

Brahim Jiddou, Yacoub Inalla, and Sabar Houssein were sentenced on March 19, 2015 for their protests in October of 2014 against a sermon by the imam of the Saudi Grand Mosque of Nouakchott. Their arrest was precipitated by the Mufti’s attack ob Biram Dah Abeid, including calling for the murder of Biram and denouncing the members[…]

Abuse of Prisoners and Death Sentence for Young Man accused of Apostasy

The historic trials of December 24, 2014 have produced one death sentence and allegations of prisoner abuse. The first day of the trial in Rosso Mauritania of the IRA – Mauritanie members, including Biram Dah Abeid and the other leaders of IRA, was preceded by a night of terror, sleeplessness and deprivation of food and[…]

21 Arrested in ROSSO Up-Date

  UP-DATE: ROSSO, MAURITANIA Imprisonment and Trial of Biram Dah Abeid and Colleagues November 24, 2014 Alice Bullard, CEO IRA – USA Washington DC   I. Next Hearing in Rosso scheduled for November 25, 2014 (note: hearing dates are subject to change by authorities) Samba Diagana, Abidine Matalla, Hassane Mahmoud et Mohamed Yacoub will be[…]

Death Threats against Human Rights Defenders in Mauritania

  On a television interview show called Wataniya, Yebdhihih Dahi called for the murder of Biram Dah Abeid, Aminetous Moctar, Mahfoudha Brahim and all philosophy teachers. Yebdihih Dahi is the president Friends of the Prophet (Amis du prophète), an extremist religious organization.  This call for the murder of human rights defenders echoes the earlier attacks[…]

L’Affaire de la grande mosquée de Nouakchott

This is from an email from Biram Dah Abeid:   je vous transfert ce document, écrit un sympatisant d’IRA, mais contenant une vidéo et des photos illustrant l’injustice dont ont été victimes les membres d’IRA, dans ce que d’aucun appelle, l’affaire de la grande mosquée de Nouakchott: Jusqu’à quand les imams esclavagistes seront au dessus[…]

Five Arrests; Tear Gas and Clubs used against Human Rights Defenders

We have received an urgent communication from Nouakchott. Fighting and police repression have followed from an Imam’s angry sermon against IRA and Biram Dah Abeid.  The Imam, Ahmedou Ould Lemrabott Ould Habibourahman, used his Friday October 24th sermon to severely criticize Biram and IRA, denouncing them as apostates, enemies of Islam and of Muslims, and[…]

Protect Human Rights Defender Aminetou Mint El-Moctar

IRA-USA asks for support for Aminetou Mint El-Moctar.  Known widely in Mauritania as an advocate for women’s rights and for human rights for all, Ms. El-Moctar received death threats because she stood up for the rights of a blogger accused of apostasy.  The blogger, Mohamed Ould Mkhaitir, faces trial for a blog post in which[…]