Suffering in Prison: President of Kawtal Kidney Failure

Djiby Sow, president of Kawtal and the chief organizer of the Anti-Slavery Caravan in October and November 2014, is suffering from kidney disease while in prison in Nouakchott. Mr. Sow was arrested on November 11, 2014, while leading the anti-slavery Caravan in the out-lying districts of Rosso, Mauritania. He was the only non-IRA member arrested.[…]

17 Arrested in Thiambene

We have received multiple reports of seventeen arrests in a town near Rosso, Mauritania. Fourteen women and three men have been jailed because they asserted their property rights over land seized during the 1989 ethnic cleansing.  These women and men were forced out of Mauritania during the violence of 1989. Repatriated to Mauritania in a[…]

Amnesty International call for Liberation of Anti-Slavery Activists is supported by 33 human rights organizations

  Mauritania must immediately release jailed anti-slavery activists and human rights defenders Joint Public Statement: AFR 38/001/2015 On 15 January 2015, the court of Rosso, a town in southern Mauritania, sentenced three anti-slavery activists and human rights defenders to two years in prison for belonging to and managing an unrecognised organisation, participation in an unauthorised[…]

Biram Dah Abeid Denies Charges of Assault on Islam and on National Unity

Rosso, Mauritania: Biram Dah Abeid in court today denied assaulting Islam and national unity.  Biram was the only defendant to testify in the session that started at three in the afternoon and lasted until six. Mr. Abeid rejected all the charges against himself and his fellow members of IRA – Mauritanie, including charges of belonging[…]

Abuse of Prisoners and Death Sentence for Young Man accused of Apostasy

The historic trials of December 24, 2014 have produced one death sentence and allegations of prisoner abuse. The first day of the trial in Rosso Mauritania of the IRA – Mauritanie members, including Biram Dah Abeid and the other leaders of IRA, was preceded by a night of terror, sleeplessness and deprivation of food and[…]

European Parliament Issues Resolution Condemning the Imprisonment of Biram and fellow Anti-Alavery Activists

The European Parliament  issued the following resolution demanding the liberation of Biram Dah Abeid and his colleagues. The European counter-parts to IRA- Mauritanie along with UNPO and other non-profits worked together to generate this declaration.  You can listen to the members of the EU parliament speak on this urgent resolution here (in French). Plenary sitting 16.12.2014[…]

Letter from Jail: Biram demands a trial

Today we received a letter from Biram Dah Abeid sent by him from the jail in Rosso Mauritania.  Biram and his colleagues from IRA face charges of  incitement to violence, troubling public order, outrage of the public authority, membership in a non-recognized organization. Here is the letter, in French and English: Initiative for the Resurgence[…]

21 Arrested in ROSSO Up-Date

  UP-DATE: ROSSO, MAURITANIA Imprisonment and Trial of Biram Dah Abeid and Colleagues November 24, 2014 Alice Bullard, CEO IRA – USA Washington DC   I. Next Hearing in Rosso scheduled for November 25, 2014 (note: hearing dates are subject to change by authorities) Samba Diagana, Abidine Matalla, Hassane Mahmoud et Mohamed Yacoub will be[…]

Nov. 13th Update: Mariem Cheikh Arrested, Biram speaks from Jail, Reports of Torture

Mariem Cheikh, a high level officer of IRA – Mauritania was arrested today in Nouakchott.  Mariem was at a demonstration organized to protest the previous arrests in Rosso and in Nouakchott.  The demonstration, following IRA’s deep commitment to peaceful social change, was non-violent.  Mariem was the only person arrested. First hand witnesses said it was[…]