More Arrests: Update Saturday 9th July 2016

Notice received this morning from Nouakchott: Je vous informe que la police ils ont arrêté hier,Mohamed Daty et aujourd’hui,il sont arrêté,Ousmane Lo,Ousmane Sy,Abdellahi Diop, bien a vous  … translated: I inform you that yesterday the police arrested Mohamed Daty and that today they arrested Ousmane Lo, Ousmane Sy, and Abdellahi Diop. The report of the[…]

IRA-USA Wins Funding for Consortium with AFCF and AMDH

We are proud to announce the Consortium with Association Femmes Chef de Famille (AFCF) and Association Mauritanienne des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH) has secured $100,000 funding for a Mauritanian program to train paralegals, staff legal aid clinics, run human rights seminars, and organize civil society engagement in statutory reform. Our program offers legal assistance to[…]

21 Arrested in ROSSO Up-Date

  UP-DATE: ROSSO, MAURITANIA Imprisonment and Trial of Biram Dah Abeid and Colleagues November 24, 2014 Alice Bullard, CEO IRA – USA Washington DC   I. Next Hearing in Rosso scheduled for November 25, 2014 (note: hearing dates are subject to change by authorities) Samba Diagana, Abidine Matalla, Hassane Mahmoud et Mohamed Yacoub will be[…]

Nov. 13th Update: Mariem Cheikh Arrested, Biram speaks from Jail, Reports of Torture

Mariem Cheikh, a high level officer of IRA – Mauritania was arrested today in Nouakchott.  Mariem was at a demonstration organized to protest the previous arrests in Rosso and in Nouakchott.  The demonstration, following IRA’s deep commitment to peaceful social change, was non-violent.  Mariem was the only person arrested. First hand witnesses said it was[…]

IRA Members imprisoned in Rosso

November 11, 2014 IRA-USA Press Release IRA Members imprisoned in Rosso Soldiers surrounded an anti-slavery protest in Rosso, Mauritania this morning, firing tear-gas cannisters and then moving in to arrest Biram Dah Abeid and eight other anti-slavery activists. Biram Dah Abeid is the president of the Initiative for the Resurgent Abolitionist Movement of Mauritania (IRA[…]

L’Affaire de la grande mosquée de Nouakchott

This is from an email from Biram Dah Abeid:   je vous transfert ce document, écrit un sympatisant d’IRA, mais contenant une vidéo et des photos illustrant l’injustice dont ont été victimes les membres d’IRA, dans ce que d’aucun appelle, l’affaire de la grande mosquée de Nouakchott: Jusqu’à quand les imams esclavagistes seront au dessus[…]

Five Arrests; Tear Gas and Clubs used against Human Rights Defenders

We have received an urgent communication from Nouakchott. Fighting and police repression have followed from an Imam’s angry sermon against IRA and Biram Dah Abeid.  The Imam, Ahmedou Ould Lemrabott Ould Habibourahman, used his Friday October 24th sermon to severely criticize Biram and IRA, denouncing them as apostates, enemies of Islam and of Muslims, and[…]

Rally at the UN

This past Monday, September 29th, the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly was met with the US-Mauritanian Diaspora group, fighting for justice and public awareness for issues concerning the slavery and ethnic cleansing taking place in Mauritania. With hopes to influence the UN to meet its demands for their countries human rights violations,[…]