Success through Working Together

We are very happy that the IRA President, Biram Dah Abeid, and Vice – President Brahim Bilal Ramdhane, are finally freed from jail. The number of individuals and organizations who worked together to protest the jailing of these leading anti-slavery activists is huge. IRA USA is very proud to be counted among the IRA community[…]

IRA-USA Wins Funding for Consortium with AFCF and AMDH

We are proud to announce the Consortium with Association Femmes Chef de Famille (AFCF) and Association Mauritanienne des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH) has secured $100,000 funding for a Mauritanian program to train paralegals, staff legal aid clinics, run human rights seminars, and organize civil society engagement in statutory reform. Our program offers legal assistance to[…]

Blasphemy, Apostasy, Hypocrisy: Ould Mkhaitir Case

Sentenced to death for a blog post, Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir is in prison in Nouadhibou, Mauritania. Read about Mkhaitir’s arrest and massive demonstrations against him because he published a blog post criticizing the caste system and discrimination against lower castes in Mauritania. Read about the intimidation of Mkhaitir’s lawyers, and how several were[…]

Working to Advance Human Rights in Mauritania: IRA – USA

IRA – USA  fights against slavery, racism, and gender oppression in Mauritania.  The founding board members include Biram Dah Abeid (honorary president of IRA – USA), Bakary Tandia, Jerry Herman, Sykam Sy, and Alice Bullard. We work directly and on a daily basis with Biram Dah Abeid’s organization, IRA – Mauritanie. Our activities include: freeing[…]

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Organizations IRA-Mauritanie L’Initiative de Resurgence du Mouvement Abolitionniste – Mauritanie works everyday on the ground in Mauritania to release those currently enslaved and prosecute the enslavers. The Mauritanian government has consistently persecuted IRA-Mauritanie. The primary IRA-Mauritanie leadership is currently imprisoned, but the members of the organization in Mauritania continue to fight for freedom. IRA –[…]

IRA Leadership Arrested in Rosso

Human Rights organizations are denouncing the arrests of Biram Dah Abeid and his colleagues in Rosso on November 11, 2014. Amnesty International, The Unrepresented People’s Organization (UNPO), the Irish organization Frontline Defenders, the London-based anti-slavery organization Anti-Slavery International, Freedom House and of course IRA – USA, IRA – France and IRA – Italy have all[…]