Suffering in Prison: President of Kawtal Kidney Failure

Djiby Sow, president of Kawtal and the chief organizer of the Anti-Slavery Caravan in October and November 2014, is suffering from kidney disease while in prison in Nouakchott. Mr. Sow was arrested on November 11, 2014, while leading the anti-slavery Caravan in the out-lying districts of Rosso, Mauritania. He was the only non-IRA member arrested.[…]

Convicted Torturer still at large in Mauritania

A French court convicted Captain Ely Ould Dah of torture and sentenced him to ten years of imprisonment. Claiming universal jurisdiction, the court in Nimes handed down this sentence in 2005, but already in April 2000 Mr. Ould Dah had fled France for Mauritania. In Mauritania, the government welcomed Mr. Ely Ould Dah with open[…]