Suffering in Prison: President of Kawtal Kidney Failure

Djiby Sow, president of Kawtal and the chief organizer of the Anti-Slavery Caravan in October and November 2014, is suffering from kidney disease while in prison in Nouakchott.

Mr. Sow was arrested on November 11, 2014, while leading the anti-slavery Caravan in the out-lying districts of Rosso, Mauritania. He was the only non-IRA member arrested. He stood trial in Rosso and was sentenced on January 16, 2015 to two years imprisonment. Biram Dah Abedi, the president of IRA – Mauritanie, and Brahim Bilal Ramdane, Vice-President of IRA – Mauritanie, received the same sentence. All three were transferred from Rosso to Aleg. Mr. Dah Abeid and Mr. Ramdane remain in Aleg. Mr. Sow, however, was transferred to Nouakchott in March for medical treatment.

Unreasonable delays in this medical treatment have reduced Mr. Sow to extreme illness. Recent reports and a press conference on May 26, 2015 reveal that Mr. Sow remains in prison with his illness untreated. One of his doctors, Mariame Kébé, has resigned as his doctor so that she is not implicated in this on-going charade orchestrated by the prison officers.

Mr. Sow is in extreme pain, cannot sleep, and lies about in blood and pus soaked clothing. Without treatment, complete kidney failure is a real risk. This would be fatal.


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